This Place is The One

It took forever to save for and then find the land that we wanted. 

After countless hours browsing internet listings and driving around the back roads of Ohio, we found it.

When we drove up the driveway for the first time, we were both as sure as a couple of extremely cautious people can be that we'd found 'the one'.

It's 21 acres - about half of which are wooded.  There's a pond big enough to float a boat in and a very old barn. The land slopes away on both sides and there's a view of …

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Beth and Heather on a hike

Why Farm?

Why do we want to farm?  

We both have full time jobs and are watching 40 in the rear view mirror, after all. 

So why start this now? 

We're motivated!  That's why!

We want to be part of offering healthy local food to our communities. It's truly ridiculous that our food takes such long and fossil-fuel-consuming journeys to get to us when we live in a place that is capable of growing so much.  

But it's also about BELONGING. 

Our world is so disconnected.  So isolated.  So out of touch with…

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carrots and peppers

Dream a Big Dream

This dream has been a long time coming.  For years we've grown organic vegetables and fruits in our backyard.

We make teas, put up extra produce and sell tomato and pepper plants to the community.

There was also one ill-fated experiment with peach wine. 😂 

It's all been on a small scale though. 

Until fall 2019, when we bought land in Adams County Ohio, about 1.5 hours from our home in Cincinnati. 

We're starting a farm! 

We keep looking around, pinching ourselves and sayi…

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