Hello again

brilliant sky

We've decided to do better about writing emails and blog posts.  So much is happening here and it's all too easy to just keep our heads down and keep working. 

But that's no way to build a community.  So the plan is to share farm and nature stories, more or less weekly, sometimes here on the blog and sometimes via email. 

We try to be informative without being preachy, to share both the triumphs and the failures, and to do it all with a hefty dose of humor and appreciation for beauty.  

To start us off right, here's a photo of Heather, with her head lamp on, scrambling to take down some fence as a contractor arrived. 

Did he call the day before to tell us he was coming? No he did not. joy He just showed up. And we were glad to see him, believe you me! So we scrambled happily!  

And it was a gorgeous sunrise. 


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