Dream a Big Dream

carrots and peppers
This dream has been a long time coming.  For years we've grown organic vegetables and fruits in our backyard.

We make teas, put up extra produce and sell tomato and pepper plants to the community.

There was also one ill-fated experiment with peach wine. 😂 

It's all been on a small scale though. 

Until fall 2019, when we bought land in Adams County Ohio, about 1.5 hours from our home in Cincinnati. 

We're starting a farm! 

We keep looking around, pinching ourselves and saying 'can you believe we have ALL THIS LAND to grow on'? 

It's going to take time (because you can't hurry nature!) but we are growing a farm business, baby step by baby step, while we both continue to work full time jobs.

We are growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants naturally (maybe we'll certify organic someday). 

We will focus on direct to consumer sales (think farmers markets and online), and value-added products (like elderberry syrup!). 

Sometimes I'm astounded by the strength and beauty of this dream.  When I give myself room - I'm a fountain of ideas of things we should do.    

What do you dream of? 

Write it below or email me at beth at ohio elderberry dot com.  I really do want to know.  We can dream these dreams to life together. 


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