This Place is The One

It took forever to save for and then find the land that we wanted. 

After countless hours browsing internet listings and driving around the back roads of Ohio, we found it.

When we drove up the driveway for the first time, we were both as sure as a couple of extremely cautious people can be that we'd found 'the one'.

It's 21 acres - about half of which are wooded.  There's a pond big enough to float a boat in and a very old barn. The land slopes away on both sides and there's a view of nearby Peach Mountain. 

Birds are always singing, a heron visits regularly and a red-shouldered hawk calls the place home.  

I could go on and on about the land and the plants and animals here. We love it. 

So far we have planted: 
  • 250 elderberry bushes - and prepared the land for 500 more which we will plant late winter
  • 3600 garlic cloves - with plans to grow 10,000 cloves in 2-3 years
  • 4 pawpaw trees - and ordered 150 more pawpaw seeds (not all of which will survive) and
  • a bunch of other stuff because we can't help ourselves. 

We rarely meet a plant or a seed that we don't want to grow! 

Anybody else have a bad plant habit?


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