Why Farm?

Beth and Heather on a hike

Why do we want to farm?  

We both have full time jobs and are watching 40 in the rear view mirror, after all. 

So why start this now? 

We're motivated!  That's why!

We want to be part of offering healthy local food to our communities. It's truly ridiculous that our food takes such long and fossil-fuel-consuming journeys to get to us when we live in a place that is capable of growing so much.  

But it's also about BELONGING. 

Our world is so disconnected.  So isolated.  So out of touch with nature and the cycles of life.  So out of touch with each other. 

We miss deep connections.  The kinds of conversations people have when they are both up to their elbows in garden dirt and working on a joint project are life-sustaining. 

We love seeing the light in someone's eyes

  • when they learn something new about the ecosystem they live in or
  • when a child sees a salamander or
  • eats a sweet cherry tomato right off the vine. 

And we know that connection, belonging and outside work, in nature, supports physical and emotional health.  

We're here for that! 

Ohio Elderberry Farm and Kitchen nurtures

  • the land through good growing practices and
  • our community through on-farm activities, healthy food and herbs. 

We've got a pretty good idea of what we're going to grow - at least for the next few years. Now we've just got to figure out what kind of on-farm activities we should have. 

Any ideas?  


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