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A women-owned farm growing fruit & herbs.
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We are, each one of us, a force of nature. 


Relentlessly alive and creative.

Yet we are often disconnected from nature and overwhelmed by the constant noise and hurry of modern life. 

It doesn't have to be that way. Like many of you, we have turned our faces towards the sun. Every step we take to live and eat in right relationship to nature brings us closer to balance.

We are building a farm that supports

  • the land - through good growing practices
  • our community - through on-farm activities
  • health - through fruits and herbs
syrup and fizzy

Our main offering is elderberry syrup - made from berries grown in the US and frozen immediately after harvest (not dried and shipped from overseas).  Our recipe uses little sweetener (local honey!) and not much else besides berries. 

It's delicious all by itself, or in fizzy water, on yoghurt, in smoothies, in a cocktail, in salad dressing, as a marinade, etc.  

Check out some recipes, learn about the health benefits of elderberries, or go straight to our shop to get some shipped to your door.

Taking care of yourself can be delicious and good for the earth.

We've been growing fruits and veggies for 20 years.  For us, it's all about fresh, delicious and sustainable.  

We are joyfully planting elderberries, garlic and as many other superfoods as we can on our little 20-acre corner of this planet.

Growing these plants at scale does not damage our waterways and ecosystem.  They are good for the Earth and for people.


Ohio Elderberry is...

  • US-Grown
  • Women-Owned
  • Local honey
  • American Elderberries 

Elderberry Syrup is Here!   

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  ⁉️  Did you know  ⁉️  

  Elderberries contain anti-oxidants, and have immune-system stimulating, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-viral  properties.   

(Inami et al, 1996, Schmitzer et al, 2012, Sidor and Gramza-Michalowska, 2015)