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Ohio Elderberry Farm Kitchen is located in beautiful Adams County, Ohio - where wild elderberry bushes can be found clustering along railroad tracks and streambanks.

We're proud to cultivate elderberries and deliver their flavor and antioxidants, to you through our products.

Lest this website give you the wrong impression, though, you should know that we are first time farmers and business owners. If you can make a rookie mistake, we've probably made it...

But we don't give up! We are big believers in figuring it out as you go along. We have learned to install fencing, make SWD traps, kill elderberry borers with our bare hands and run a trencher for irrigation. Who knows what's coming our way next?

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Adams, York, Nova and Bob Gordon cultivars.

We've been growing elderberries for personal use since 2008 and growing them at scale since 2019. As of 2024, we've got approximately 450 bushes in production, primarily Adams, York, Nova, and Bob Gordon cultivars.

We learned to grow organically at Grailville Retreat Center near Cincinnati in 1997 and now produce our syrup in the commercial kitchen at Hope Springs Institute near our farm in Peebles.

We grow elderberries and produce elderberry syrups so we can create healthy, delicious local products in a way that supports the native ecology and our local community.




Elderberries have loads of antioxidants and are a traditional herbal remedy in communities worldwide from ancient Romans to the Cherokee in North America. 

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We walk the fields regularly scouting for pests and diseases so we can use low impact interventions to grow our berries.  We manage our farm to have a positive ecological impact by promoting soil health, controlling invasives, avoiding pesticides and planting pollinator habitat.



We are personally involved in every step of the process of creating our elderberry products, from growing the berries to sealing the lid on each bottle. We have a lot of fun around here but we take farm and food safety very seriously.



None of us can navigate this crazy world alone.  We remember when Pride parades were rare and when 'Black Lives Matter' wasn't a thing.  Community has supported us many times and we want our farm to encourage women, queer folks, and people of color to grow produce and manage land sustainably.



If each of us shares what we know we can figure it out! We learn from other growers, customers, pubmed, extension publications.  Everybody's got a piece of the answer, and we're happy to add our 2 cents to the mix.  Just ask... 


Fun &  Flavor

The elderberry world can take itself a bit too seriously sometimes... Elderberry is delicious, adds a beautiful color to food and drinks, and is full of anti-oxidants. We also know it will resprout if you run it over with the lawn mower.

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