Spring Garlic

Spring brings some fleeting culinary pleasures such as rhubarb, asparagus, and violets.

Among them we count spring garlic, which we have been enjoying these past few weeks. These are the young garlic plants that look similar to spring onions. 

They have not yet begun to form bulbs, and can be pan-seared or braised similar to asparagus. Their mild garlic flavor is a great accompaniment to meat or rich vegetarian entrees, or a nice addition to your morning omelet.

If you grow your own garlic, or have access to some spring garlic, here is my super simple recipe for seared spring garlic.

Recipe: Seared Spring Garlic

5-8 garlics per eater
Oil, butter or pork fat
Salt to taste

Step 1: Clean garlic. Rinse off dirt. Trim off roots and tough portion of leaves (top 2-3”). Slice larger garlics in half vertically.

spring garlic cleaned

Step 2: Cook.
Preheat your skillet of choice on medium heat. Add fat and garlic.  If possible, place garlic in one layer so each is in touch with pan to promote searing. Cook for 1-2 minutes, or until they begin to sear.  Then stir to allow other side of garlics to cook for 1-2 minutes.

spring garlic pan

Step 3: Serve.
Turn out into serving platter, salt to taste, and dig in!

cooked spring garlic on a plate

We'll be at the Loveland Farmer's Market every other Tuesday starting May 7th and will have spring garlic available for the first few weeks.  Maybe see you there!

Happy eating,


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